Mission and Vision

The Association was established on September 9, 2016. To gather partners in the industry and carry forward this industry, now we sincerely invite partners in the same industry who accept the theme of the Association to join us to put forward strategies jointly and strengthen together to make the Association stronger and benefit the industry.

  1. To be the first Children-Babies-Maternity Industries Association in Hong Kong. We gather partners in the industries to carry forward theses industries and support companies to exert own advantages and become excellent enterprises;
  2. Build up the information base of the HK children-babies-maternity industries to enhance information communication among industries. Improve competitiveness of the industries;
  3. Improve the image of the industries in HK. Organize business investigation and communication teams at home and abroad and work with global associations related to children-babies-maternity products;
  4. Assist and develop the children, babies, maternity product market at home and abroad, host or jointly organize sales exhibitions, exhibition, seminar or business matching service, etc.;
  5. Conduct the exchange and introduction in the management and technology, irregularly hold all kinds of management, technology and marketing training;
  6. Become representative of the children-babies-maternity Industry Association, negotiate with the government to seek various support and assistance from the government to assist business development of the small/medium enterprises;
  7. Cultivate young people to join the industry and help them start businesses;
  8. Publish association news and provide relevant information, and regularly organize fellowship activity between executive directors and Members.