Hong Kong Children, Baby and Maternal Industry Information Website

The website will invite professionals from different sectors of Hong Kong to write articles (such as doctors, nurses, dietitians, etc.) to share information related to the health of pregnant women, babies and children, and promote products that offer the best solutions for consumers.

The website will also include information on the production processes of Hong Kong producers, highlighting the excellent conditions under which products are produced and distributed. Through highlighting product quality to column readers (namely mainland domestic buyers) and displaying varied high-quality Hong Kong house brands on the website, we can promote Hong Kong companies’ brands.
The result will be that mainland consumers will form the view that Hong Kong producers’ products are of high-quality, high-integrity, safe and reliable. It will encourage a better understanding of the advantages of Hong Kong’s maternal and child products and greatly increase the number of opportunities available to Hong Kong brands to engage with downstream partners such as department stores, mother and baby stores, and e-commerce.

In addition, this website will also integrate the products and contact information of Hong Kong companies that provide their own brand of maternity and infant products on the market, enabling consumers (namely Mainland Chinese) to easily search for products and contact producers. This project will work with Hong Kong companies interested in expanding their business in the Mainland through previously unexplored channels, and aim to better our understanding of the best way to connect consumers with businesses products. The information collected will be processed by the Hong Kong Productivity Council and then uploaded to the website. Companies will have their contact details, product information, and an introduction of their processes all outlined on the website. As mentioned above, this website incorporates a search function that allows website users to search and filter products through keyword searches.