Hong Kong Maternity, Infant and Child Industry Online Database – Welcoming industry members to publish information

The Hong Kong Maternity, Infant and Child Care Industry Association is now working with the Hong Kong Productivity Council to establish the Hong Kong Online Maternity and Infant Industry Information database, through the Trade and Industry Department’s “Dedicated Fund on Branding, Upgrading and Domestic sales” (“BUD Special Fund”). Through the industry information website, we hope to achieve:
• The integration of products and contact information of Hong Kong companies have their own branded products in the market
• Promote the image of Hong Kong companies and being high-quality and reliable
• Promote the advantages of Hong Kong’s maternity, infant and child businesses generally.
Companies will have their contact details, product information, and an introduction of their processes all outlined on the website. As mentioned above, this website incorporates a search function that allows website users to search and filter products through keyword searches. Both Mainland Chinese and international buyers will have greater access to Hong Kong producers’ products.

Registration method:
Interested parties are encouraged to email their company information (including: full company name in English and Chinese, address, telephone, website, product type and quality certification information) to the project email: hkcbmiabud@gmail.com. Upon receiving your details, we will reply with further information.

If you have any questions, please contact the project team, or association representatives:
Contact Project Team
Mr Fung Wai Leung
Phone: 2788 5554
Mr Brian Mak
Phone: 2788 5799

Contact the Association
The Secretory General – Mr Wilson Li
Phone: 5589 6868

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